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R2F Tricep Rope - Extra Long Tricep Pull Down Rope Cable Attachment with 2 Sets of Anti-Slip Neoprene Handles for Greater Range of Motion - Gym Rope for Push Downs, Crunches, Facepulls,Tricept Attachment Extension, & Neoprene Wrapped


  • Sculpt Your Triceps To Perfection - Transform your triceps, arms, back, abs, glutes and more with your new rope pull down attachment. Revolutionize your compound and isolation exercises. Max out your muscles with tricep push downs, overhead extensions, and face pulls. Harness this rope attachment for cable machine use and build the body of your dreams.
  • Better Grip, Better Comfort - The neoprene-wrapped handles of these latex-free gym ropes give you a seriously firm and comfy grip. It won't slip with sweat like many others, and the ergonomic design minimizes strain on your wrists! This lets you focus on your form rather than worrying about keeping hold of your face pull rope as you dominate each set.
  • Unbeatable Durability - Stack up those heavy weights with confidence - this reassuringly thick strap is constructed with a tough blend of cotton, polyester and neoprene materials that will survive anything you throw at it. It also features an extra heavy duty D Ring that lets you safely load up all those weights you need for maximum muscular development.
  • Total Satisfaction - At R2F we believe that truly great workout gear should last you a lifetime. That’s why we offer you our Lifetime ‘Supreme Strength’ Money Back Guarantee on every single tricep strap we sell. So invest in this essential piece of exercise kit today!

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