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    R2F Lifting Straps - Wrist Supports for Gym 5MM Neoprene Padded, Anti Slip 60CM Weight Lifting Straps Bar Grips Gym Straps Workout, Bodybuilding, Soft Cotton, Fitness Strength Training


    • R2F weight lifting straps will support your wrist, strengthen your grip, reduce stress on your forearms and perform more reps. Ideal for deadlifts, rows, pull-ups, weighted chin-ups and various other strength training workouts.
    • R2F heavy lifting gym straps are manufactured from industrial quality thick cotton webbing for durability and heavy duty stitching to ensure they won’t tear apart.
    • Features open loop gym strap style, which allow for a quick easy setup. Simply insert free end of the strap through the loop and then wrap around the bar.
    • 11 MM Neoprene padding helps you to reduce the pressure on the wrists which results in prolonging the heavy lifting sessions.
    • 66 CM Length and 4.9 CM Width of the straps makes it easy to wrap them around the wrist and use them to give better grip to the weights being used.

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