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    R2F Exercise Tricep Resistance Bands Handle Cable Machine Attachments Strong Nylon Webbing Resistance Bands Handles Grips Fitness Strap Pair Weighted Stirrup Handle Suitable For Men And Women Fitness Accessories


    • VERSATILE USE: Thanks to the steel O-rings, they can be attached to the resistance bands, home gym equipment, cable crossover machine, bowflex machine and even functional training equipment.
    • TARGETED WORKOUTS: R2F cable attachment can be used for triceps pushdowns, biceps curls, lats pull downs, chest cable crossovers and a lot more.
    • HIGH GRADE MATERIAL: R2F superior cable attachment includes powerful plastic bar with thick round rubber grip, perfect for push and pull exercises. 8.5 inch Nylon webbed straps make them hold the weight of your maximum capacity. Round shaped standard steel rings allow to train freely of your choice and angle.You can lift 80 to 100 kg.
    • PERFECT FOR ALL: With its super wide handle width, big or small, anyone can use these handles comfortably during any intense workout. Nylon webbing, thick rubber and steel O-rings make this “one” item fits for all cable attached equipments.
    • EASY TO CARRY: This item due to its versatility can be a part of any fitness gear. Can be taken anywhere due to its perfect design and weight.

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