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<p>High Quality Brand New R2F Weight Lifting Gym Training Gloves. Durable and Comfortable to Wear. Perfect for Weight Lifting, body building, strength exercises and fitness training Gym, ETC. Comfortably fit to shape of your hands. Made of Genuine Leather And 4-Way Stretchable Material. The leather material is soft, but reinforced to easy adjustment and comfort fit. The construction combines elastic and soft leather to maintain natural hand movements, while increasing overall grip strength.12 inches long strap WRIST WRAPS for the BEST SUPPORT. Perfect and Nonslip Fitting and Comfort. Buy With Confidence Our Gloves comes with a 100% money back guarantee.<br><br></p>
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<p><span>•</span>Perfect for hard gym training, fitness, weight lifting with elastic strap for added wrist support.</p>
<p><span>•</span>4 Way Stretch Material for easy adjustment and comfort fit.</p>
<p><span>•</span>Leather material for ultra-comfort.</p>
<p><span>•</span>Comfortably fit to shape of your hands.</p>
<p><span>•</span>Perfect and Nonslip Fitting and Comfort.</p>
<p><span>•</span>Cut Finger Style Specially Designed For Weight Lifting Gym Gloves.</p>
<p><span>•</span>Full Palm Gel dot offer a stable grip during workout.</p>
<p><span>•</span>Padded Grip Leather Palm Increase Palm Grip And Comfort.</p>
<p><span>•</span>Stretchy Fabric For A Better Fit Comfort And Increases Flexibility.</p>
<p><span>•</span>Velcro Straps For Better Wrist Grip.</p>
<p><span>•</span>Perfect and Nonslip Fitting and Comfort.</p>
<p><span>•</span>Lightweight, Comfortable, And Easily Washable.</p>
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<p>Delivery within UK will be within 2-4 working days. Delivery outside the UK may take between 7-10 business days depending on your location.</p>
<p>Deliveries within the UK are free! Whereas free deliveries outside UK shipment charges will be calculated at checkout (Upto 2 KG only).</p>
<p>In case you are not satisfied with the product or due to any other reason, you may return the item to us for a 100% refund, the customer will be responsible for return shipment.</p>