Weighted Leather Skipping Rope Boxing Gym Fitness Cardio Workout

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Have you every wondered why you see so many fighters skipping? Whether it's a real life champion or a scene out of Rocky they all skip. Why? The simple reason is that skipping is almost an unbeatable way to get fit and burn fat.

So whether you're skipping your way into the ring or simply looking to drop a few pounds the R2F(Right to Fight) skipping rope is perfect for you.

With all the premium touches expected from R2F(Right to Fight) you will be acquiring a great addition that will help you on your fitness journey. Hear the rope cut through the air as you speed up or slow down, aiding your understanding of your improvements and cheering you on.


  • ✔️9 ft 100% leather rope that can be cut down to any size
  • ✔️Comes with 90 degree perpendicular swivel design
  • ✔️comfort-grip wooden handles are designed for an ergonomic grip
  • ✔️dynamic swivel design that can keep up with your toughest
  • ✔️Available In Brown Color
  • 100% HIGH QUALITY LEATHER: Selected for it’s extremely high levels of durability and resistance. As the rope will literally whip against the surface of which you skip on it is essential that the rope material is resilient. Here at R2F(Right to Fight) we are super proud of the resilience of the leather, this allows you to take your rope anywhere to train (indoors, outdoors, garage you name it this rope allows you to skip there).
  • SKIPPING IS EASY: We don't think so take the challenge it's extremely cardio challenging and works out almost every muscle throughout your body.