Skipping Ropes Nylon Adjustable Boxing Fitness Jumping Speed Crossfit Men Womens

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R2F Professional Plastic Skipping Rope Jump Speed Boxing Fitness Exercise Rope Boxing Gym Fitness Workout.


  • ✔Plastic Rope
  • ✔️Length 9ft
  • ✔️Plastic Handles
  • ✔️Used in Exercise & Fitness, Training, Boxing , Workout
  • ✔Plastic Speed Jump Rope: An effective, easy and fun way to optimize cardiovascular conditioning while maximizing coordination, agility, timing and endurance. Jumping rope tones muscles in the entire body can burn unto 1,000 calories per hour, making it one of the most efficient workouts possible.
  • Strength & Tone (muscle while increasing cardiovascular health)
  • Aerobic Activity: Increase endurance, promote weight loss.
  • Strength Training: Increase muscle, add definition.
  • Core Boost: Strength core muscle groups, boost performance.
  • Fit Flexibility: Enhance flexibility, improve balance
  • ✔️Length: 9 FT Long Skipping Rope