R2F Ankle Straps for Cable Machines - Padded Ankle Cuffs 2 pieces - Gym Workout Double Ring for Women & Men Glute Workouts Leg Extensions Curls & Hip Abductors Adjustable Neoprene Support

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  • ✅ SUPERIOR GLUTES: Ankle straps can be used for cable machines and Glutes Exercise equipment and can help firm up your glutes workout. These R2F ankle cuffs are effective for exercise machines for legs, especially if you use these leg straps for exercises such as inner and outer thigh contractions, leg extensions, cable kickbacks, hip abduction, and cable lunges, to improve your leg game.
  • ✅EXCELLENT QUALITY: Roubst double D-rings, reinforced seams, and an ideally balanced padding set our premium foot straps apart from the competition and provide not only more safety than standard models, but also outstanding and incomparable wearing comfort.
  • ✅ FUNCTIONALITY: Not only will our cable machine attachments help you strengthen your lower body, but our ankle cuffs were designed with a longer strap, so it can hug the ankle tightly, enabling you to lift more weights. Our cable straps also have two reinforced D-Shape on either side, to give you maximum support and the peace of mind that the strap shouldn't come undone while lifting. That's why these cable attachments for gym are the ideal straps fitness trainers love.
  • ✅ VALUE PAIR: With us, you'll be receiving a pair of two ankle straps to broaden your range of workouts! Our comfort is unmatched, keeping you free and clear of pain while you get those thighs and glutes EXACTLY where you want them to be. These ankle straps for cable machines and are made from soft neoprene padding that cushions above and below the ankle
  • ✅ GREAT FOR ALL: Ankle wraps can be used by both men and women for cable machine workout equipment, ankle straps for weight lifting, ankle straps for resistance bands, ankle straps for your glute's workout, glutes machine, glutes workout machine and almost any weight exercise machine. Our Adjustable leg straps for exercise were developed to be used on workout machines for home gym and on as traditional gym accessories, giving you that added resistance needed to conquer